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SugaBros & The James Bond Cocktail Hour

Jun 30, 2019

After four episodes of encroaching darkness, has Nemo seen the light?

Jun 23, 2019

Tim has a lot of thoughts on this song, although he cannot seem to remember what the name is.

Nemo is physically present.

Jun 16, 2019

While Tim ponders the influence of Timbaland and Missy Elliott on late 90s RnB, Nemo ponders the darkness of his own soul.

Jun 9, 2019

One foot in... indeed! 

This song has Tim and Nemo spinning around - for very different reasons.

HEALTH NOTE: Nemo is now fully recovered from his injury.

Jun 2, 2019

One is a fan.

The other is not.

Together this unlikely duo are the SugaBros.

The result of a 20 minute argument in a Wendy’s, friends Tim and Nemo are taking an in-depth look at the Sugababes, covering every song they ever released (b-sides included).

It’s ridiculous, it’s silly & it might help its hosts turn...